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• David Michael Anthony Luczak
• Born 10-4-58, Pittsburgh, Pa.
• Gets lost on the Boardwalk in N.J.; 1963
• Gets first beating by a Nun; 1964
• First Radio Job; 1976 (WVUD, Dayton, Ohio)
• First Morning Show (Dayton, Ohio); 1978
• Joins college friend Dan Patrick at WTUE, Dayton in 1979
• B.A. University of Dayton, 1980
• Married, Cindy, June 21, 1980
• 3 Kids; Jason, Dan, Holly
• Teams with Don Girard in Rochester, NY; 1983
• Leaves Rochester with Girard for WMGF, Milwaukee
• First Morning Show in Milwaukee; February 1984
• Dave fills in for Bobby Rivers as host of the MORE show on Channel 12 for the first time; Makes the audience do the Marching Weathermen; 1984
• Carole joins Girard & Luczak as newsperson; September 1985
• January 1986, Dave hosts first show on one of the nation’s first Classic Hits stations.the new 96.5 WKLH
• February 1986; Girard leaves, Carole elevated to co-host
• December 1986. The first annual Dave & Carole “Christmas is for Kids’ party.
• 1987; Dave hosts disastrous new version of the ‘Bowling Game’ on Channel 18. Makes sure to drag Carole down with him.
• Dave wins prestigious CLIO award, 1988. He still can’t figure out why.
• First morning show from a nudist camp (don’t worry.D&C kept their clothes on); 1988
• Dave flies in an F/A-18 Hornet with the Blue Angels, 1989
• Dave and Carole crash land in the WKLH hot air balloon while doing their morning show live on-air, 1990
• Valentine’s Day, 1992; the first Dave & Carole wedding show. D&C have since married over 100 couples live on-air
• Dave and Carole live from London; 1995
• Dave wears a dress in a TV commercial.will never live this down; 1996
• Dave & Carole ‘Live from Hawaii’ 1996, 1997, 1998
• Dave & Carole’s first Prime Time TV special finishes first in the ratings on WISN-12; 1998
• 1998; Dave & Carole host the first ‘Miracle Marathon’ for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.
• Dave drinks copious amounts of good German beer as the morning show broadcasts live from Munich for Oktoberfest; ’98 & ’99
• Nov. 2000; Dave & Carole open the Northern Lights Theatre with their 15 year anniversary show. Dave wears the dress again
• August, 2003; Dave and Carole host Harley’s 100th pre-show for a half million of their closest friends live from the lakefront.
• 2004; Dave’s first movie credit. He appears in the movie Mr. 3000. He’s behind Dick Enberg in one scene. Don’t blink.
• 2004; Dave attends Brewers Fantasy Camp. He spends several weeks recovering from physical injuries. His pride, however, is irreparably damaged.
• Summer 2004; Son Dan is named first team All-State Baseball pitcher in his junior year of high school. His Dad played high school baseball, too. Had trouble making the first team…at his own high school.
• May 2005; Son Jason graduates from Ball State University Summa Cum Laude. Two semesters of his Dad’s GPA added together don’t equal his.
• June 2005; Daughter Holly graduates high school having been on the honor roll every single semester. Her Dad had a friend in high school who almost made the honor roll once.
• 2005; Dave, Carole, KB, Marcus win Achievement in Radio (AIR) award as best Morning Show. They still wonder if anyone else entered.
• May 2006; Dave & Carole’s ‘Miracle Marathon’ raises another 1.35 million for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Over 9 million has been raised since 1998.
• May 2007; Another 1.4 million plus raised for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin during the annual Miracle Marathon.
• Dec. 2007; Son Dan graduates from University of South Carolina Magna Cum Laude. His Dad’s grade point average squared still doesn’t get there.
• 2008;  Huge Year in Dave’s life: Marathon raises another 1.3+ million. A record turnout for the Christmas for Kids program. Jason graduates from Law School (Chicago Kent) and gets a real job. Dad is happy he can now have a lawyer “on staff”. Dan moves to Vegas and gets a real job. Dad is ecstatic that 2 are now off the payroll.
• Oct. 4th, 2008 Dave turns 50. Someday he will have to get a real job, too.
• Feb. 13th, 2009    Dave celebrates his 25th anniversary on-air at 96.5 FM in Milwaukee with a special anniversary show. One of the highlights? A call from Mr. Angry. After 12 years away from the show, he’s still really pissed. When Dave arrived in ’84 he was a dazed and confused 25-year-old. He’s now dazed and more confused.
• March 2009; Dave and Cindy vacation for a week in Mexico and go para-sailing for the first time. Then off to a pig roast. One month later a swine flu panic will hit.  Wait a minute….
• May 2009 Another 60 Hour Radio-thon for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin raises 1.3+ Million dollars
• July 2009 Dave becomes a Godfather for the first time ever to his niece, Alyssa. He’s very honored since his relatives back East have known real Godfathers for years.
• July 2009 Dave & Cindy in the front row for Kid Rock and Skynyrd at Summerfest. Their picture makes it on the front page of the Journal-Sentinel. The 2 comments Dave receives; Cindy looks hot and why are you wearing a watch? At least they weren’t asking why Cindy is still with Dave…
• August 2009…First tattoo etched on body…at Hart & Huntington in Vegas…despite common rumor; was not drunk at the time…
• November 2009 Dave’s son buys home in Las Vegas ensuring Dave has a place to crash when he runs out of money playing Blackjack
• November 2009; while sitting at the Steely Dan show Dave fails to realize he is sitting next to several members of the E-Street Band who will be performing the next night at the Bradley Center. Only when Donald Fagen introduces them does Dave realize that he has been talking to their new keyboard player all night.
• November 2009 Dave gets to high-five Bruce Springsteen when Bruce runs through the crowd at his show…not enough time to tell Bruce about last evening’s faux pas.
• March 2010 Appears on cover of M Magazine with all 3 dogs. All 4 photographed in the dog crate. A place Dave is used to sleeping.
• May 2010; Daughter Holly graduates with highest honors from UW LaCrosse with teaching degree
• Summer 2010 and Holly accepts first full-time teaching position and gets her own place
• Summer 2010…after Holly moves out, Dave decided that, as an empty nester, he can sit on the couch and watch TV naked. Completely disgusted, his wife orders him to bedroom to put on Boxers.
• January 2011; Dave & Cindy sail the open seas on the Lynyrd Skynyrd ‘Simple Man’ cruise which features over a dozen bands performing around- the- clock. They also get to eat dinner with Billy Payne from one of Dave’s favorite all-time bands, Little Feat.
• May 2011 and another amazingly successful Miracle Marathon where almost 1.4 Million dollars is raised for the kids at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
• July 2011; Dave and Cindy visit the Grand Canyon. Dave is disappointed to find out that the Mules that descend into the Canyon can carry a TOTAL of 200 pounds. Cindy, citing earlier TV watching trick, refuses to allow Dave to put his naked 199 pounds on the back of the mule.
• Oct. 2011 The Luczak and the Goushas  sit behind the Brewers dugout as Nyjer Morgan singles in the winning run to capture Game 5 of the NLDS meaning the Brewers advance to the NLCS for the first time in 29 years! They would lose to the Cardinals led by Beelzebub LaRussa.


• Name: Kevin Brandt
• Birthdate: 7/24/62
• Acquired:  2nd Rd Draft Choice 1994 Expansion Draft
Position:Utility Infielder
• Bats: Right
• Throws: Right

1952 Telecaster Re-issue
1996 Martin D-28
Takamine EF-341C Acoustic Electric
Original 1956 Gold Top Les Paul
1978 Fender Blues DeVille 4×10
Avalon U-5 Pre-amp

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DC_cast_marcusMARCUS ALLEN

6-2, 260, RB. After starring as a quarterback and defensive back in high school, the heavily-recruited Marcus Allen went to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. As a nighttime DJ, Allen led the nation in all purpose yards with an average of 179.4 per game.

As a senior, he set NCAA records for rushing yards with 2,432; most 200-yard games with 8; highest average rushing yards per game, 212.9; and most all-purpose yards, 2,550. He was a consensus All-American and won both the Best Legs and Best In Show Trophies as the outstanding college broadcaster of the year.

The first draft choice of the RFL’s Los Angeles Radio-ers, Allen was The Sporting News rookie of the year in 1996, when he rushed for 697 yards and led the league in touchdowns with 14. He gained more than 1,000 yards each of the next three seasons, with a high of 1,759 yards in 1999, when he led the RFL. He set a record with 2,314 total yards rushing and receiving phone calls and was named the league’s player of the year.

Allen’s production fell off for the next three seasons, when he averaged less than 4 yards a carry, and he missed much of the 2000 season with a knee injury. Relegated to part-time play from 2000 through 2002, he was signed by the KLH City Chiefs in 2002 as an unrestricted free agent and full time producer. Given more playing time, he had a fine season, rushing for 764 yards and leading the RFC with 15 touchdowns. Allen continues to be one of the most stable and hard-nosed producers in RFL history and will someday be enshrined into the Professional Radio Hall Of Fame.

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dnc_mcgivernJOHN McGIVERN

John has been stopping by to visit with Dave and Carole since 1994. He was 13 when he first visited the studio which means he is now 25 1/2. He just looks like shit.

Many remember him from the play SHEAR MADNESS.

He has played the lead role of Tony Whitcomb in Chicago, St. Paul, Tampa, Washington D C, San Francisco and Milwaukee.

Many know John from his Milwaukee performances in A KODACHROME CHRISTMAS, THE WONDERBREAD YEARS, SANTALAND DIARIES, FULLY COMMITTED, TAKE ME OUT and THE ODD COUPLE. He is the writer and performer of many critically acclaimed one-man-shows, MIDWEST SIDE STORIES, ONE OF THE BOYS-STORIES FROM THE MIDWEST and JOHN MCGIVERN LIVE.

Many know John from WE’RE FUNNY THAT WAY on HBO and OUT THERE II on Comedy Central. He was seen sitting next to Sally Field on POLITICALLY INCORRECT and knighted by Julie Andrews in the hit film PRINCESS DIARIES.

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Gino Salomone was born and raised in Milwaukee and loves living here. Early on, TV was a major part of Gino’s life. He was a loyal viewer of the local children’s show Children’s Fair on Channel 10, Pops and Lippy Lucy on Channel 12, and Kid’s Club on Channel 4.. Ad he got older, Gino would sneak into the living room as a boy to watch Don Rickles on the Tonight Show. Another major TV must was the Dean Martin Variety Show where the family gathered and watched as Dean made Gino’s Dad laugh, not an easy thing to do.

Growing up across the alley from Steve Palec (who was Gino’s Playboy Magazine Library because of Steve’s collection given to him by his Uncle), Gino had a love for all things radio, TV, and movies and Steve helped nurture that.

Gino worked at Channel 12 while in college and ended up taking over his Father’s construction company. He would leave the job site and make calls to the Reitman and Mueller Show and became their producer in 1986. August of 1986 was Gino’s first big event when he was the guiding force behind the Gilligan’s Island Beach Party on Bradford Beach featuring Bob Denver and Alan Hale. As a result of that event, Gino began Rerun Reunions, a company through which Gino worked as a booking agent for actors from Gilligan, Leave it to Beaver, the Brady Bunch, MASH, the Munsters and many others. He met his closest friend Julia Sweeney through one of his promotions and through Julia had a sketch idea of his used on Saturday Night Live.

He began doing interviews with movie stars for Channel 4 in 1995 and then Channel 12… now you can watch him regularly in the afternoons during Studio A on FOX 6!

He was engaged to Sandra Bullock (a joke they both shared) and has had his birthday ruined by Tommy Lee Jones. His interviews have appeared on the E! Network and in several cities around the country.

Gino has acted in 3 movies, one of which he was cut out of. He was a lab technician in Naked Gun 2 1/2, a Las Vegas pit boss in It’s Pat. He was cut out of the movie America’s Sweethearts where he had a line with Billy Crystal in a bar. Sadly the world was not to see his acting skills.

Gino dreams of having a farm and raising Highland Cattle. He visits the Zoo frequently to see their Highland Cow although a court order keeps him 50 feet away. He can be found walking the town square of Lake Mills or exploring Holy Hill. Despite his advancing age, Gino still hopes to marry and have a family.

In 2007, Dave and Carole rescued Gino from unemployment and he has shown his gratitude to them by doing gardening and painting at their homes and washing their cars.

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