Keyword to Cash

Keyword to Cash

 is back!

Your day on the job could be worth even MORE with THREE chances to win $1,000!


• Listen to ‘KLH WEEKDAYS starting Monday, March 31st thru Friday, April 25th
• You’ll hear a KEYWORD at 8am, Noon and 3pm
• When you do, TEXT it to 77000 within 10 minutes
• If your text is randomly selected, you’ll receive a phone call. Answer within 5 minutes to win $1,000!

Play KEYWORD TO CASH on ‘KLH for a chance to win $1,000!


Brought to you by Black Bear Beverages


Wanna receive a text reminder just before it’s time to play?  Text TELL to 77000 to join the “reminder club.”

Congrats to the winners so far…
Amanda Hinton
Dera Hunter
Colleen Norberg
Mark Kratochvil
Emily Schuman
Kyle Bridges
Jacklyn Garvey
Angie Cline
Danielle Beamon
Warren Kirby
Daren Winkowitsch
Leslie Komulainen
Patricia Richardson
Jason Smallman
Brenda Freitas
Mildred Chapman
Cathy Uricek
Fred Rewis
Stephanie Atkins
June Gattshall
Judy Fetterly
Eleanor Ishmael
Belinda Schneider
Diane White
Angela Jackson
Dawn Lyons
Dave Cherry
Jared Bartling
Danielle Bedaw
Jessie Morand
Beverly Robison
Rebecca Moran
Teresa Ramos
Lauren Moslander
William Denbow Jr.
Dawn McAdow
Joseph Errico
Traci Hynes
Deborah Johnson
Heather Dillingham
Jeff Floyd
Tabitha Mash
Brenda Reeves
Ron Atherton
Jeana Mills
Jeff Donnell
Robin Pressley
Hilary Tate
Steven Doherty
Nicole Drake
Mike Harris
David Gromley
Lynn Swanson


All KEYWORD TO CASH rules and WKLH General Contest Rules apply.

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