Dave & Carole


McGivern Earlene

Dude Looks Like A Lady (8/28/13)

How do women, and John McGivern, pull off wearing high heels?

Dave & Carole Generic 2

Dating For The 1938 Woman (8/28/13)

A guide for women on how they should be proper when dating back from 1938

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DIY Disasters (8/28/13)

How did a man cause $200,000 damage to his home with an air mattress?


The Beloit College Mindset List (8/27/13)

Hey, we never knew Gino played the accordion!


Things Not To Say To Singles (8/27/13)

What are some things that single people, like Gino, are sick of hearing?

LeRoy Butler 1

Leroy Butler-Cuts (8/26/13)

How do players deal when it’s time for roster cuts?

LeRoy Butler 5

Leroy Butler-Pace Yourself (8/26/13)

Do players ever pace themselves to not go all out during a game?


Jason Wilde (8/26/13)

Were we shocked by the news that the Packers released Graham Harrell?

Daryl Stuermer 6

Daryl Stuermer-Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer (8/16/13)

Daryl will be playing out this Saturday night! click on the link for details…http://wilson-center.com/onstage/wilson-center-guitar-competition.php  

Richman MKE1_edited

Adam Richman (8/15/13)

Adam shot an episode of the Travel Channel’s “Fandemonium” at a Brewers tailgate party

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