Dave & Carole


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Strange Toys (2/19/13)

You might be surprised at some of the toys that are on deck for our children

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Couples We All Know (2/18/13)

A list of the types of couples that we all have as our friends

Gene’ Albanese (2/15/13)

Milwaukeean Gene’ was aboard Carnival Cruise Lines ship Triumph that was stranded at sea without power and talks about the experience

GoDaddy Nerd

GoDaddy’s Walter

What was it like for Jesse Heiman to kiss Bar Refaeli take after take for his GoDaddy commercial?


Valentine’s For Gino (2/15/13)

How was Valentine’s Day for Gino and Carole?


What Bartenders Won’t Tell You (2/15/13)

Bartenders, including KB and Carole, have things that annoy them about the job and the people who come in

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Haunting Katie (2/15/13)

A phone line used by Katie Couric’s late husband may be dialing from the ‘other side’

Mike Moore_edited

Milwaukee Admiral Mike Moore (2/14/13)

You might be interested in the life of the Milwaukee Admiral captain outside of hockey….

Ted Perry 9

Ted Perry (2/14/13)

How is Ted Perry doing, as he is trying to go gluten-free?

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino: Unaffectionate (2/13/13)

A listener wants to know how to get her man to show more emotion in their relationship

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