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Wisconsin’s New Slogan (3/1/13)

What if some states’ mottos, including Wisconsin, were a little closer to reality?

Ted Perry 9

Ted Perry – The Bartender (2/28/13)

Would you like to see Ted working as a bartender where you go out?

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Tell Us Something Good (2/28/13)

Even faking a smile is good for your health


Strip Songs (2/28/13)

We look at the most popular songs used in strip clubs – and some songs that would just not work

Fred Klett 1

Fred Klett-Hibiscus Bamboo Sheets (2/27/13)

Fred is learning about hibiscus and chartreuse, and the value of bamboo sheets


High School Nicknames (2/27/13)

USA Today ran a contest to find the best high school mascot names in America

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Mind-Blowing Coincidences (2/27/13)

A list of strange occurrences that are coincidental in history

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino – Smut On The Internet (2/26/13)

How do you deal with a teenager that has been caught looking at pornography on the computer?


Carole And The Missed Number (2/26/13)

Carole has a problem with someone at the deli counter who missed their turn

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What Stresses Women Out (2/25/13)

We look at a list of things in a guys home that stress women out

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