Dave & Carole


Dave & Carole Everywhere

Dave and Carole Everywhere (7/9/13)

Meet the winner of our ‘Dave & Carole Everywhere’ contest!

Dave & Carole Generic 3

Osama bin Laden’s Jedi Mind Trick (7/9/13)

Did Osama bin Laden use the old ‘Jedi mind trick’ to get out of getting caught?

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino-World Of Warcraft Addict (7/9/13)

How do you deal with someone addicted to World Of Warcraft?

Fred Klett 1

Fred Klett – In High Demand (7/8/13)

Listeners have questions for Fred.

Gino Red Carpet_edited

Gino Goes To ‘The Lone Ranger’ (7/3/13)

What do we think of Johnny Depp and his new movie?

Ted Perry 8

Ted Perry – Tug-Of-War (7/3/13)

Did you know that Carole anchored her school’s tug-of-war team?

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino: Before They Wed (7/2/13)

What are some things that couples should talk about before they getting married?

McGivern 5

John McGivern’s Road Trip (7/1/13)

Where did John go on his 11 day road trip?

McGivern 7

John McGivern – Gay Bingo (7/1/13)

Only John could find a way to screw up calling a bingo game.

Gino Sandra Bullock

Gino Gets Gottfried’ed (6/26/13)

What happens when Gino Salomone tries to convince Sandra Bullock of his love for her?

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