Dave & Carole



Gino And Sly’s Ga-Goonies (1/31/13)

What happens when a film crew gets back at Sylvester Stallone by leaving his mic on while he’s in his…


Random Bitch Line (1/30/13)

Why would someone ‘bitch’ about having to go visit their mother?

Nik Carter_edited

“On Tap” with Nik Carter (1/30/13)

The host of “On Tap” shares some of his stories as a rock n’ roll deejay

Dave & Carole Generic

Dance Moves (1/30/13)

What do your dance moves say to members of the opposite sex?


The Random Bitch List (1/30/13)

A list of things to randomly bitch about

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino: CFL Lights (1/29/13)

Why would Gino’s neighbors not like him using CFL lights at his home?

Dave Tattoo

Tattoos (1/29/13)

Do you have an interesting tattoo?

Sheriff Clarke

Sheriff David Clarke (1/28/13)

The Milwaukee County Sheriff talks about the controversy behind his recent public service announcement.


Jason Wilde (1/28/13)

Will Jason be making any ‘prop bets’ for the Super Bowl?

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila (1/25/13)

We catch up with our old friend to congratulate him on his upcoming induction into the Packer Hall of Fame

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