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Pâsté (2/13/13)

A Tokyo man has opened a restaurant devoted to cuisine of soil, but we think that a menu built around…

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Pope Fun Facts (2/12/13)

Learn more about Pope Benedict XVI, and what he may be doing next.


Arty’s Old-Fashioneds (2/12/13)

The owner of Arty’s talks about coming up with bottling and selling old-fashion sweets and sours. Visit  http://www.drinkartys.com/


Westminster People Show (2/11/13)

What if people were judged the same way that dogs are at the Westminster Dog Show?


Dr. Oz (2/11/13)

Can your face tell people how healthy you are?

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Bizarre Valentines Day Gifts (2/11/13)

Looking for that last minute gift for that loved one?  Maybe one of these will do the trick.


Carnie Wilson (2/8/13)

Is Carnie ready for the finale of “Rachael vs. Guy’s Celebrity Cook Off”?


True Wives Tales (2/8/13)

Some old wives tales are actually very true, including one with Carole’s growing

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Old Wives Tales Tales (2/8/13)

What are some of the strangest wives tales that we were told?

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Ted Perry (2/7/13)

Ted can look pretty darn good in his shirt.

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