Dave & Carole



Katrina Cravy (9/27/13)

Do people really notice Katrina’s shoes on “Studio A”?

Ted Perry 8

Ted Perry (9/26/13)

Who really was the first one to ‘tweet’?

Engvall DWTSa

Bill Engvall (9/26/13)

What is it like for Bill to be part of “Dancing With The Stars”?

cat cora_edited

Cat Cora (9/24/13)

What is Cat’s link to Brett Favre?

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino (9/24/13)

Should someone be concerned with their significant other if they like to play video games for days on end?

Leroy Butler 6

Leroy Butler (9/23/13)

Does Leroy think that Mike McCarthy is a great play-caller?

LeRoy Butler 5

Leroy Butler (9/23/13)

How do players get a snack, and go to the bathroom, during the game?


Jason Wilde (9/23/13)

What went on with Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy on the sidelines?

Vasgersian 4

Matt Vasgersian (9/20/13)

What are some words and phrases that will make her go ballistic.

Dave & Carole Generic 2

The Chastity Jock (9/20/13)

A New York Giants player admits that he wears a chastity belt under his jock strap

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