Dave & Carole



Mean Gene Okerlund (2/22/13)

How did Mean Gene Okerlund become ‘Mean Gene’?


Oscar Swag (2/22/13)

What will the celebrities find in the Oscar ‘goody bags’ this year?


Gino Goes To The Oscars (2/22/13)

Who does Gino think will win the big Oscar categories?

Ted Perry 8

Ted Perry – Bad Interview (2/21/13)

Has Ted ever had a bad interview for a job?

Dave & Carole Generic

Interviewee Questions (2/21/13)

There have been some strange questions asked by interviewees while they are being interviewed


Jason Wilde At The NFL Combine (2/21/13)

What will we learn from this year’s NFL combine?


KB’s Call To Help (2/21/13)

KB focuses on trying to find better ways to help the homeless during these cold days.


For Sale In China (2/20/13)

We look at a list of some of the crazier things that you can actually buy in China

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino-Sideline Parents (2/19/13)

How do you deal with people who are too busy being coaches for their kids from the sidelines?

Dave & Carole Generic

Strange Toys (2/19/13)

You might be surprised at some of the toys that are on deck for our children

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