Dave & Carole


McGivern 7

Yoga Class Mat For Sale (10/11/13)

Someone posts an ad on Craig’s List selling a yoga class mat with a detailed timeline of its use

McGivern 6

Jimmy McCallahan (10/11/13)

We look at a list of the best smells of childhood

McGivern 5

John McGivern (10/11/13)

Did you know John used to work in the medical field?

Dave & Carole Generic 3

Family Feuds (10/10/13)

If Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel can end their feud, are their others who have feuds that need mending?

Vasgersian 6

Matt Vasgersian (10/10/13)

What do baseball players do when they leave the field and go to the locker room during the game?

Gino Red Carpet

Gino Goes To The Movies (10/10/13)

What does Gino think of “Machete Kills” and “Captain Phillips”?


Jason Wilde (10/10/13)

Did you know that the Packers have quite a few celebrity fans?


Ted Perry’s Celebrity Crush (10/9/13)

Who is Ted Perry’s celebrity crush?


Our Parents Gross Food (10/9/13)

OnMilwaukee.com’s Andy Tarnoff comes in to find out what gross things our parents and grandparents ate that we would never…

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino-Waxy Ears (10/8/13)

Gino needs to find a better way to clean out his ears

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