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Weird Walk-Up Music (4/17/13)

What are some of the strangest songs that baseball players use as their ‘walk up’ music?,


Secrets To Know (4/17/12)

Consumer Reports has a list of a few secrets that are good to know

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Free Samples (4/17/13)

Why can’t they make improvements to what and how we get our free samples at the store?

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Workplace Stress (4/17/13)

What stresses people out the most at their jobs?

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Judge Gino: Pot Smoking Text (4/16/13)

What do you do when you read your child’s texts and read about they have smoked pot?

Trenni Kusnierek From Boston (4/16/13)

Former Milwaukeean Trenni Kusnierek is now in Boston and gives insight into the bombings that happened at the Boston Marathon

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Paulie Hubcaps Returns (4/12/13)

Former Dave & Carole traffic reporter Paul Fix joins Dave & Carole for a guest ‘Dio traffic report’

McGivern 7

John McGivern (4/12/13)

Why do our mothers need to be places so darn early?

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The Lotus Birth (4/11/13)

Women are choosing to leave the umbilical cord attached to their baby after birth

Kathleen Madigan 2

Kathleen Madigan (4/11/13)

How hard is it for Kathleen to deal with her parents getting older?

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