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Prison Review (4/30/13)

A website allows prison inmates to ‘review’ prisons from across the nation


Jason Wilde’s Post Draft Recap (4/29/13)

How do you think the Packers did at this year’s NFL draft?

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Random Bitch Line (4/29/13)

Dude, it’s really, like, time to give us your ‘random bitches’


Sidney Moncrief (4/26/13)

The Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach talks about the tough road the Bucks have going into game 4 of the playoffs…

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Got 2 Grams For $40? (4/26/13)

A comedian inspires people to play a joke on their parents by texting ‘Got 2 Grams For $40?’

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Ted Perry’s Quirks (4/25/13)

Does Ted have any weird quirks like Gino?

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Haunting LaToya (4/25/13)

Is LaToya Jackson being haunted by her brother Michael’s ghost?

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Ted Perry’s Most Beautiful Women (4/25/13)

Does Ted agree with People magazine’s list of the most beautiful women in entertainment?


Jason Wilde (4/25/13)

What can you expect from the Packers in this years NFL draft?


Is That Weird? (4/25/13)

Is it weird that Gino wants to track down some of his friends from grade school?

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