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Powerballooza Statistics (8/7/13)

KB goes through some of the statistics to determine the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot

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Tell Me Something Good (8/7/13)

It’s always good to share in the good news of others.

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Dating Websites (8/7/13)

There are dating websites out there that cater to just about every type of person and lifestyle


Shark Week (8/7/13)

There have been some interesting things found inside the belly of a shark.

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Leroy Butler-Blind Dates (8/6/13)

What are Leroy Butler’s thoughts on the suspensions handed down in Major League Baseball?

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Leroy Butler-Handling Injuries (8/6/13)

What are Leroy Butler’s thoughts on losing Brian Bulaga for the year and the signing of Vince Young?


It’s Powerballooza! (8/6/13)

Powerball is up to a $400 million jackpot and we are buying a Powerball ticket and sharing the winnings with…

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Matt Vasgersian (8/2/13)

Matt is still adjusting to being a newlywed.

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The Sexsomniac (8/2/13)

A study finds that people are doing strange things while they’re sleeping, like texting and even having sex

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YouTube Lessons (8/2/13)

There are some interesting things that you can learn from watching YouTube

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