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Judge Gino: Apples and Cheese (1/21/14)

Someone can’t believe that he is getting yelled at for eating an apple from the floor.

Dave & Carole Generic 3

Turn Offs For Women (1/21/14)

What ten things turn women off the most?


Dan Jansen – Olympic Preview (1/20/14)

Olympic Gold Medalist (and hometown hero) Dan Jansen talks about his up-coming trip to the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia!

Greg Koch 3

Greg Koch (1/17/14)

Greg’s oldest son moves away to college and Greg is dealing with issues over leaving his son behind

Gino Sandra Bullock

Gino Goes The Critics Choice Awards (1/17/14)

Gino Salomone joins us from L.A. after attending the Critics’ Choice Awards

Ted Perry 9

Ted Perry (1/16/14)

How does our sense of smell influence sex?

Caliendo All

Frank Caliendo (1/16/14)

Frank is turning 40!

Caliendo 4

Frank Caliendo (1/16/14)

Where is KB’s mind wandering to while Frank is telling a story?


Jason Wilde (1/16/14)

What if the Packers have another season next year like they did this year?


Judge Gino: Pretty Face (1/14/14)

How should you react when someone tells a woman that she has a ‘pretty face – if only she lost…

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