Dave & Carole


Steve Palec

Ready For Paul McCartney? (7/16/13)

Rock ‘n Roll Roots host Steve Palec gets you ready for the big Paul McCartney show tonight

Greg Koch 3

Greg Koch (7/15/13)

Greg is proud to be an ‘Honorary Italian’

Dave & Carole Generic 2

Cosplay (7/12/13)

What is ‘cosplay’ and what kind of goofy stuff do you do for it?

Vasgersian 6_edited

Matt Vasgersian’s Viagra Experiment (7/12/13)

Did Matt ever ‘experiment’ with Viagra?

Dave & Carole Generic 3

Breaking Up (7/11/13)

What are some of the worst ways people have done the ‘break-up’ with their relationship?

Ted Perry 9

Ted Perry – The Go-To Shot (7/11/13)

Do all news stations have a ‘go-to’ shot?

Gino Red Carpet_edited

Gino Goes To ‘Pacific Rim’ (7/11/13)

How did Gino’s pie auction go?

Dave & Carole Generic 3

Random Bitch Line: Ex-Wife Woes (7/10/13)

Maybe he should just let it go after 15 years….


Random Bitch Line: Gino’s Pies (7/10/13)

What is Gino bitching about?

Dave & Carole Everywhere

Dave and Carole Everywhere (7/9/13)

Meet the winner of our ‘Dave & Carole Everywhere’ contest!

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