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Little Lies (3/26/14)

What lies have parents told their kids to calm them, or scare them straight?

Paul Rodgers 2_edited

Paul Rodgers (3/25/14)

Paul talks about recording soul classics, “The Royal Sessions”   photo courtesy of WENN


Judge Gino: The Clingy Friend (3/25/14)

What do you do with a husband’s friend who is too clingy to his friend after all these years?

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Rainbow Bracelets (3/25/14)

The trend of wearing rainbow loom bracelets from your kids is growing

Andrew Zimmern 3

Andrew Zimmern (3/21/14)

What is the weirdest food the ‘Bizarre Foods’ host has eaten?

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Weird Wisconsin Crimes (3/21/14)

We like to think of it as ‘the idiots among us’

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Granny Attack (3/20/14)

It may be the funniest thing you hear all day

Ted Perry 9

Ted Perry (3/20/14)

Is Ted a sensitive man-according to a list we have?

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What I’ve Seen (3/20/14)

Listeners share some of the strangest things they have witnessed

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