Dave & Carole


Fred Klett 1

Fred Klett – The Klett Cup (9/4/13)

What kind of competitions are involved to win the ‘Klett Cup’?

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino: Introduction To Bondage (9/4/13)

What’s the best way to introduce a little bondage into the relationship?

LeRoy Butler 4

Leroy Butler – Manscaped (9/3/13)

Leroy wants to know how much ‘manscaping’ women really like.

Leroy Butler 6

Leroy Butler (9/3/13)

Are the Packers in good shape as they ready for their first game of the year?


Jason Wilde (9/3/13)

Did the Packers actually make the right decision for Aaron Rodgers’ backup?

Dave & Carole Generic 3

While You Were Sleeping (9/3/13)

Some people do more than just sleepwalk while they are sleeping

Greg Koch 4_edited

Greg Koch (8/30/13)

Talent really does run in the Koch family.

Greg Koch 3

Greg Koch (8/30/13)

Could Greg have been a world class cellist instead of guitar player.

Ted Perry Harley

Ted Perry’s Harley Vacation (8/29/13)

Would Ted let anyone ride on the back of his Harley?

Gino Accordion 3

Gino And His Accordion (8/29/13)

Gino really is our ‘five tool player’

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