Dave & Carole



Bad For Your Pets (3/21/13)

What are some common household items that are very bad to leave around the house for your pets?

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Bad Proposals (3/20/13)

What are some of the worst marriage proposals our listeners have had to deal with?


Gino Goes To ‘The Croods’ (3/20/13)

Did Gino Salomone understand the deep existential meaning behind “The Croods”?

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino: Shopping Combos (3/19/13)

What are some bad products to buy together while shopping?

Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono’s Beauty Advice (3/19/13)

Yoko Ono has some words, written in free verse, to offer as ways to make your life more beautiful

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Adult Camp (3/18/13)

What would be some of the best camps designed specifically for adults?


How Stupid Are People (3/18/13)

A survey reveals that there are a number of really naive Americans in the world.

Leroy Butler (3/15/13)

Get insight on free agency for the Packers with Leroy.


Ralphie May (3/15/13)

Who’s old tour bus is Ralphie ‘living large’ in?


Biggest Product Flops (3/15/13)

Remember olestra?, Apple Newton?, New Coke?

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