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Ted Perry 8

Ted Perry’s Amazing Accents (5/29/14)

Who knew Ted Perry was a man of so many talents?

DnC Bucks2

Marc Lasry and Wes Edens (5/29/14)

Get to know the new owners of your Milwaukee Bucks


Highest Grossing Artists (5/29/14)

Who were the top 25 grossing artists that toured in the last 25 years?

Dave & Carole Generic 2

Tell Us Something Good (5/28/14)

It’s always good when you can help someone avoid doing something stupid.

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Secretly Horrible Celebrities (5/28/14)

Some of our favorite celebrities have done some really horrible things behind the scenes


Judge Gino: Her Underwear (5/27/14)

How would you react if you walked in on your boyfriend wearing ladies underwear?

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Unusual Superstitions (5/27/14)

What unusual superstitions do people still believe in?


Mort Snotlocker Gets Crazy Glued (5/19/14)

Only Mort could find a way to crazy glue his mouth shut at the worst time.


Mort Snotlocker Ruins A Funeral (5/19/14)

How did Mort ruin a funeral for a family?


Mort Snotlocker-Who’s On First? (5/19/14)

Mort updates the classic Abbott and Costello routine

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