Dave & Carole



Our Parents Gross Food (10/9/13)

OnMilwaukee.com’s Andy Tarnoff comes in to find out what gross things our parents and grandparents ate that we would never…

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino-Waxy Ears (10/8/13)

Gino needs to find a better way to clean out his ears

Madigan Again

Kathleen Madigan (10/8/13)

Why does Kathleen love Milwaukee so much?

Dave & Carole Generic 3

Foreigners Hate Our Food (10/8/13)

What American foods do foreigners find disgusting?

LeRoy Butler 1

Leroy Butler (10/7/13)

Does Leroy think the Packers will be okay if Clay Matthews is out for a while?

LeRoy Butler 5

Leroy Butler (10/7/13)

Was Brett Favre really a good guy behind the scenes?


Jason Wilde (10/7/13)

Was it loud enough at Lambeau Field this past weekend?


Sinbad (10/4/13)

The legendary comedian joins Dave & Carole in the studio

Vasgersian 6

Matt Vasgersian (10/4/13)

What are some problems that only Wisconsinites know?

Palec Bud

Steve Palec (10/4/13)

Steve joins us to talk about the impact Wisconsinites Bud Selig and Les Paul have had in history

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