Dave & Carole


Greg Koch 3

Greg Koch (10/18/13)

What happens when Greg does a tour of Europe with his 18 year old son?

Ted Perry 8

Ted Perry-Man Shopping (10/17/13)

How would you react if someone sneezed before handing you change at a store?

Vasgersian 4

Matt Vasgersian (10/17/13)

Would Matt ever consider getting botox injections?


Jason Wilde-Remain Calm and Packer Up (10/17/13)

Will the Packers have enough players this weekend?

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino: Is She Making A Point? (10/16/13)

How can you tell if a co-worker is flirting with you?

Joe Piskula_edited

Joe Piskula (10/16/13)

Our Milwaukee Admiral is an Antigo native.

Steve Palec

Steve Palec (10/16/13)

Steve taste tests everything on the McDonald’s menu for OnMilwaukee.com. Click on the link to read his review:   http://onmilwaukee.com/dining/articles/mcdonaldsreviewmeat.html…

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino: Half The Ring (10/15/13)

Is it okay for a man to ask his bride-to-be to pay for half of the engagement ring?


Jason Wilde (10/15/13)

Will the Packers look to sign someone, perhaps Donald Driver, to help an injured team?

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Genetic Answers (10/15/13)

A genetic testing center offers insight into what your genes may tell you about what is bad for you

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