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Gino Red Carpet

Gino Picks The Oscars (2/27/14)

Who does Gino Salomone think will win at this years Oscars?

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What Men Never Notice (2/26/14)

We look at some of the things that men wish women would not get mad over men not noticing

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Shiny Happy People (2/26/14)

A list of things that happy people don’t do


Judge Gino: Cubical Invader (2/25/14)

How do you deal with someone that continues to hover around you while you are on the phone?

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The Awesome 70’s (2/25/14)

We look at a list of some things that came about in the 70’s


Harold Ramis (2/25/14)

Dave & Carole had a chance to visit with Harold Ramis in 2006 to talk about how much he brought…

Joe Piskula

Who’s More Antigo? (2/24/14)

Milwaukee Admiral Joe Piskula and KB square off to see who knows more about their hometown

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Three Word Weekend (2/24/14)

How would you describe your weekend, using only three words?


Ellen’s Oscar Winner (2/21/14)

Lori Bernhardt from Pleasant Prairie is going to be Ellen’s guest for the Oscars!   (photo courtesy of WISN 12)

Ted Perry 9

Ted Perry (2/20/14)

What do women need to learn about men like Ted?

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