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DLIST2 (1)

The D-List: Ryan Braun (7/24/13)

Drew Olsen and Dan Needles from ‘The D-List’ talk about Ryan Braun’s suspension from baseball

DLIST2 (1)

The D-List: Athlete Run-Ins (7/24/13)

Have Drew Olsen and Dan Needles from ESPN Milwaukee’s “D-List” had run-in with any of the athletes they covered?


Happy Birthday KB (7/24/13)

Celebrities (more like those that have had brushes with celebrities) call to wish KB a happy birthday.

Sally Severson

Sally Severson (7/23/13)

Get to know WISN 12′s Sally Severson a little better.


Judge Gino: Moving Back Home (7/23/13)

Does someone in their late 20’s have to live with the same set of rules they did as a teenager…

Leroy Butler – Rookies (7/22/13)

What is it like to be a rookie entering NFL training camp?

Leroy Butler-The Read-Option (7/22/13)

Can the Packers defend the ‘read-option’ this year?


90′s Comebacks (7/22/13)

Fashions from the 90’s are making a comeback today – this isn’t necessarily to good thing


Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila (7/19/13)

Is Kabeer ready to be inducted into the Packer Hall Of Fame this weekend?

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Weird Workplace Rules (7/19/13)

A number of businesses do indeed have some strange rules at the workplace.

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