Dave & Carole


Gino Red Carpet_edited

Gino Goes To Oprah For A Favor (7/31/13)

What lessons have we learned from horror movies?

Dave & Carole Generic

What 20-Somethings Don’t Get (7/30/13)

What are some of the things that 20-somethings just don’t understand in today’s world?

Judge Gino 2

Judge Gino: Google Them (7/30/13)

Is it okay, or normal, to Google someone before going on a date with them?

Studio A

Katrina Cravy And Studio A (7/30/13)

Katrina Cravy has a new show coming to Fox 6 in September!

Dave & Carole Generic

Weird Wisconsin Crimes (7/29/13)

I guess it wasn’t quite the night out that couple had planned….


Jason Wilde (7/29/13)

How was the first weekend of training camp for the Packers?

Paul Molitor

Paul Molitor (7/26/13)

What are Paul’s favorite memories from his playing days with the Brewers?

Ted Perry 8

Ted Perry – Al Qaeda Fun Day (7/25/13)

How is Al Qaeda trying to change their image?


Jason Wilde (7/25/13)

Are you ready for Packers season to get under way?

DLIST2 (1)

The D-List: Packer Season (7/24/13)

Drew Olsen and Dan Needles from ‘The D-List’ talk about what to expect from this years Packers

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