Dave & Carole



Judge Gino: Swinging (4/1/14)

How do you make that first step into being a ‘swinger’?

Vasgersian 6

Matt Vasgersian (3/31/14)

Matt has some surprising news to share with us!

Bill Schroeder

Bill “The Rock” Schroeder (3/31/14)

How does ‘The Rock’ think this year’s Brewers team will do?

Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson (3/31/14)

What can you look for in this year’s Brewers team?

Dave & Carole Generic 2

Opening Day (3/31/14)

What is your favorite ‘opening day’?

Ted Perry 9

Ted Perry (3/28/14)

Is Ted turning into ‘the old guy’?

David Crosby

David Crosby (3/28/14)

David has a new album, “Croz”, out.  Should he be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame THREE times?


Flight Secrets (3/28/14)

Pilots, flight attendants and airline workers share secrets that many passengers don’t know

James Lipton 2

James Lipton (3/27/14)

Was James really a ‘pimp’ before teaching acting?

Gino Red Carpet

Gino Goes To ‘Sabotage’

What did Gino Salomone think of the new Arnold Schwarznegger movie?

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