Dave & Carole


Joe Piskula

Milwaukee Admiral Joe Piskula (10/8/14)

Antigo native Joe Piskula and KB go head to head on ‘Google Antigo’

Dr. Oz A

Dr. Oz (10/8/14)

How can changing where you put things in the fridge help your health?


Facebook Frustration (10/8/14)

People tend to go on to Facebook more often when they are in bad moods, KB has some warnings of…


Judge Gino: Manstrating (10/7/14)

Do men have a ‘time of the month’?


Your Old Computer (10/7/14)

You may have old computers and electronics sitting in your basement that may be worth some money

Green Bay Packers Brady Poppinga

Brady Poppinga (10/6/14)

Are players ready for HGH testing?


Gabby The Gainer (10/6/14)

A woman who is over 600 lbs. is looking to gain even more weight


Jason Wilde (10/6/14)

What can you expect as the Packers get ready for the Dolphins?

Lewis Black 3

Lewis Black (10/3/14)

Why does Lewis love Milwaukee so much?


Naughty In New Orleans (10/3/14)

‘Naughty In New Orleans’ is a swingers convention that has an array of interesting activities and special rooms

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