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Aaron Rodgers

Packer Fun Facts (9/4/14)

We look at some strange facts about the Green Bay Packers


Jason Wilde (9/4/14)

Are the Packers ready for the Seahawks?


Jonathan Cain (9/3/14)

Not only does he write great songs with Journey, but he does wedding songs as well.


Familiar Looking Strangers (9/3/14)

The Liverpool band is opening for Journey tonight!


Judge Gino (9/3/14)

How offended should you be if you are invited to a wedding shower but not to the wedding?

Green Bay Packers Brady Poppinga

Brady Poppinga (9/2/14)

How much inspiration do you need from your coaches to begin the season?


Jason Wilde (9/2/14)

Are the Packers all ready for the start of the season?

Dave & Carole Generic 3

Rolex Scam (9/2/14)

Three women are arrested after stealing Rolex watches during an orgy and hiding them in their ‘hoo-ha’

Dave & Carole Generic 3

Random Bitch Line (8/22/14)

Why do dentists ask us questions when we’re getting work done?

Ted Perry 8

Ted Perry (8/21/14)

What would Ted eat every day if he could?

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