Dave & Carole


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While You Were Sleeping (9/3/13)

Some people do more than just sleepwalk while they are sleeping

Greg Koch 4_edited

Greg Koch (8/30/13)

Talent really does run in the Koch family.

Greg Koch 3

Greg Koch (8/30/13)

Could Greg have been a world class cellist instead of guitar player.

Ted Perry Harley

Ted Perry’s Harley Vacation (8/29/13)

Would Ted let anyone ride on the back of his Harley?

Gino Accordion 3

Gino And His Accordion (8/29/13)

Gino really is our ‘five tool player’

Dave & Carole Generic 3

Menopause (8/29/13)

Are men really to blame for menopause?

Patrick Simmons

Patrick Simmons (8/28/13)

How much does the Doobie Brother and his wife love Harleys?


Jason Wilde – Drama (8/28/13)

Would you eat an Aaron Rodgers burger?

McGivern Earlene

Dude Looks Like A Lady (8/28/13)

How do women, and John McGivern, pull off wearing high heels?

Dave & Carole Generic 2

Dating For The 1938 Woman (8/28/13)

A guide for women on how they should be proper when dating back from 1938

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