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Graham Nash (10/29/14)

Graham has written his memoirs called “Wild Tales”

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Random Bitch Line: Bad Salad (10/29/14)

What response does someone get when they complain about the salad they paid for?

Judge Gino A1

Judge Gino: Dog Days (10/28/14)

How hard is it to be there for a friend that has to put their dog down?

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Happy Songs (10/28/14)

What songs do people (including Gino) find as the best ‘pick-me-ups’?

Dennis DeYoung A_edited

Dennis DeYoung (10/27/14)

What song would Dennis put in his own time capsule?

Green Bay Packers Brady Poppinga

Brady Poppinga (10/27/14)

What do players like to do on their bye week?


Jason Wilde (10/27/14)

What are we second guessing after the Packers loss to New Orleans?

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Thong Caped Scooter Man (10/24/14)

A Madison area man enjoys riding around Madison on his scooter wearing a cape and a thong protesting loud noise

Ted Perry 9

Ted Perry (10/23/14)

What would Ted’s ‘porn name’ be?

Maz Jobrani

Maz Jobrani (10/23/14)

Maz Jobrani is performing at Turner Hall Friday night!

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