Dave & Carole


Gino Red Carpet

Gino Goes To “Divergent” (3/20/14)

We look at a list of some interesting facts about some of your favorite movies


Louise Harrison (3/19/14)

George Harrison’s sister shares the story of how George was sick for the Beatles first appearance on the Ed Sullivan…

McGivern 6

John McGivern (3/19/14)

What happens when both of John’s headlights fail to work on a ride home from Whitewater?

McGivern 7

John McGivern (3/19/14)

Why did John have to call the police?


Judge Gino: Gotta Dance (3/18/14)

Where do you go to fulfill a need to dance?

Ron White 3

Ron White (3/18/14)

Ron addresses a rumor found on the internet that he owned a pottery factory in Mexico


Hank The Ballpark Pup (3/18/14)

Tyler Barnes from the Milwaukee Brewers joins us to talk about the excitement behind the arrival of Hank to Milwaukee…

Patrick Warburton 2

Patrick Warburton (3/17/14)

Is he really the ‘square jawed beefcake’ that his bio says?

Dan Needles

Dan Needles (3/17/14)

WISN 12’s sports director checks in to talk about Julius Peppers joining the Pack and the impact of ‘Hank’


Alan Parsons (3/7/14)

What are the pros and cons of playing his music live?

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