Dave & Carole


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Swanky Hotel Perks (10/14/14)

We look at some of the amazing perks that hotel guests get at the fancier hotels

Green Bay Packers Brady Poppinga

Brady Poppinga (10/13/14)

What was the worst weather condition game that Brady ever played in?


Jason Wilde (10/13/14)

What are the takeaways from the thrilling last-second Packers win in Miami?

Ted Perry 9

Uncle Rev. Ted Perry (10/9/14)

Ted is getting ready to officiate his niece’s wedding – what will he say?


Gino On Plastic Surgery (10/9/14)

What celebrities’ plastic surgery has not impressed Gino?


Jason Wilde-Heading To Miami (10/9/14)

Where should Jason go when he goes to Miami to cover the Packers?

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Pet Names (10/8/14)

What nick names do people hate the most and what are some interesting names that are used with our listeners

Joe Piskula

Milwaukee Admiral Joe Piskula (10/8/14)

Antigo native Joe Piskula and KB go head to head on ‘Google Antigo’

Dr. Oz A

Dr. Oz (10/8/14)

How can changing where you put things in the fridge help your health?


Facebook Frustration (10/8/14)

People tend to go on to Facebook more often when they are in bad moods, KB has some warnings of…

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