Dave & Carole


Green Bay Packers Brady Poppinga

Brady Poppinga (1/13/15)

How does Brady like the Packers chances in Seattle?

Judge Gino A1

Judge Gino: Thank You Text (1/13/15)

Is it okay to text a thank you note?

KB Solo

Kuestions For KB (1/13/15)

We ask KB a very important hypothetical question.


Jason Wilde (1/12/15)

Does our ‘green and gold insider’ think that “New York Bozo” really didn’t mean anything?

Gino Red Carpet

Gino Goes To The Movies (1/9/15)

What did Gino Salomone think of “Selma”?

Dave & Carole Generic 3

Random Bitch Line (1/9/15)

Why get expensive shoes and then bitch when you get them dirty?

Dave & Carole Generic 2

Doing The Lambeau Leap (1/9/15)

A Wall Street Journal article looks at how the Packers fast-paced offense has made doing the ‘Lambeau Leap’ more difficult

Ted Perry 8

Ted Perry (1/8/15)

What did Ted do during his time away from us?

Dave & Carole Generic 3

Pointless Phrases (1/8/15)

What words and phrases do we want people to stop using?


Jason Wilde-Crunchy Or Smooth? (1/8/15)

How does Aaron Rodgers like his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?

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