Dave & Carole


WISN-Kathy Mykleby

WISN 12’s Kathy Mykleby (12/17/14)

What can you look forward to on WISN 12’s ‘Season To Celebrate’ tonight?

Dave & Carole Christmas_edited

Wisconsin Holiday Traditions (12/17/14)

What is your favorite Wisconsin holiday tradition?


Frank Caliendo (12/17/14)

Frank will be in Milwaukee for TWO shows in January! http://pabsttheater.org/show/frankcaliendo2015

Dave & Carole Christmas_edited

Worst Christmas Songs (12/16/14)

Ultimate Classic Rock has a list of the ten worst Christmas songs – do you agree with the list?


Jason Wilde (12/16/14)

Should Packers fans be worried after losing to Buffalo?

Judge Gino A1

Judge Gino: Nervous Talker (12/16/14)

How do you deal with a nervous talker (like Carole) when watching a movie?

Judge Gino A1

Judge Gino: XOXO (12/16/14)

What is something you should never send in an e-mail to a Hell’s Angel?

Green Bay Packers Brady Poppinga

Brady Poppinga (12/15/14)

Have we learned something about Aaron Rodgers when he ‘fist bumps’?

Dave & Carole Generic 3

Random Bitch Line (12/15/14)

We have a lot to bitch about going to the movies


Pat Hazell (12/12/14)

The former “Seinfeld” writer shares his memories of Christmas as a child and traveling during the holidays

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