Dave & Carole



Brian Aldridge (5/15/15)

Brian has a great policy when it comes to dating.

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Strange Interview Questions (5/15/15)

What are some of the strangest questions ever been asked during an interview?

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Mike Pyritz from the DOT (5/15/15)

Mike has some good news/bad news about the progress of the Zoo Interchange project.

Gino Red Carpet

Gino Goes To “Pitch Perfect 2″

What did Gino think of the new “Pitch Perfect” movie?

Ted Perry 9

Ted Perry (5/13/15)

It’s rough, as you get older, to look at pictures of yourself

Peoples Court Judge Milian

Judge Marilyn Milian (5/13/15)

What does it take to get your case on “The People’s Court”?

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Getting Rid Of Earworms (5/13/15)

We look at the top 20 ‘earworms’ from around the world and have an interesting way to get them out…

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We Can Be Heroes (5/13/15)

Steven Tyler, Dr. Oz and Dave have all proven that they can be ‘heroes’ when called upon, but not Carole

Judge Gino A1

Judge Gino: Fetish Parties (5/12/15)

Where can we find ‘fetish parties’ in our area?


Dave’s Breakfast With Oprah (5/11/15)

While celebrating Mother’s Day, Oprah comes to the same restaurant as Dave.

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