Dave & Carole


Fred Klett

Fred Klett-Leave It To Beaver (2/23/15)

Why did Fred get in trouble for watching “Leave It To Beaver”?

Fred Klett

Fred Klett’s Itinerary (2/23/15)

Traveling on the cruises is not as glamourous as you might think

Fred Klett

Fred Klett-Canadians Love Fred (2/23/15)

Why do Canadians love Fred Klett?

Carole Liz

Liz’ Top 5 Mom Moments (2/18/15)

While in Playa del Carmen, Carole’s daughter Liz shares her favorite moments about her mom


Justin Schlegel: 50 Shades Of Grey (2/13/15)

Justin went to see “50 Shades Of Grey” by himself.


Justin Schlegel: Die Hard (2/13/15)

What does Justin’s new girlfriend like to do for fun?

Kevin Hunt

Kevin Hunt (2/13/15)

Former Milwaukee sportscaster Kevin Hunt has been keeping busy making some very funny videos

Ted Perry 8

Ted Perry: 50 Shades Of Ted (2/12/15)

Will “50 Shades Of Grey” will teach men to be good dancers like Ted?

Gino Red Carpet

Gino Goes To “50 Shades Of Grey” (2/12/15)

What did Gino Salomone think of this much hyped movie?

Dr. Oz A

Dr. Oz (2/12/15)

What are some things you can to do to get your metabolism amped up?

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