Dave & Carole


KB Solo

Questions For Soapy The Dwarf (3/24/15)

What would your ‘dwarf’ name be?

Willy Porter 2

Willy Porter (3/23/15)

The Willy Porter Band will be performing this Friday night at Pabst Theater! http://pabsttheater.org/show/willyporter2015

Dave & Carole Generic 2

Snapchat (3/23/15)

Is it okay for a 14 year to get SnapChat?


Mary Mack – The Big Proposal (3/20/15)

Being recently married, how did her husband propose to her?

mary mack_hs comedy

Mary Mack – Mom’s Pet Raccoon (3/20/15)

What kind of fun things can you do as a kid growing up ‘up north’?

Stephen Watson

WISN12’s Stephen Watson (3/20/15)

Stephen is in Omaha following the Badgers as they get ready for this weekend’s tournament games

Carole Solo 2

My Mother-In-Law Is Hot (3/18/15)

A new study finds that over half of men surveyed find their mother-in-law “hot”

Nick Di

Nick DiPaolo (3/18/15)

What other famous comic did Nick once room with?

Judge Gino A1

Judge Gino: The Office Fantasy (3/17/15)

What should you do if you are told that you are a sexual fantasy of someone at the office?

KB Solo

Irish Slang (3/17/15)

We ask KB if he knows some slang terms used in Ireland.

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