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Holiday Party Mood Killers (11/17/14)

We look at a list of things that can kill the mood at any work holiday party

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Tell Us Something Good (11/14/14)

We have some student athletes to be very proud of!


Rectum & Anus Toys (11/14/14)

A company is offering furry toys of the rectum and anus – and that’s only the beginning of strange toys…


Woj From The Admirals (11/14/14)

Milwaukee Admirals vice president of sales and marketing Mike Wojciechowski will undergo a prostate examination at Saturday night’s match against…

Ted Perry 8

Ted Perry – The Two Minute Drill (11/13/14)

Guys can relate Christmas shopping like running a ‘two minute drill’


Sex Tapes And Sexting (11/13/14)

There seem to be so many celebrity sex tapes out there, but we have no idea about what the do’s…


Jason Wilde (11/13/14)

Are the Packers ready for the Eagles?

Travis Stork

Dr. Travis Stork (11/12/14)

Watch him on “The Doctors” at 10 a.m. on the ‘M’ – WMLW!

Peoples Court Judge Milian

Judge Marilyn Milian (11/12/14)

The “People’s Court” Judge hears some cases meant for our own Judge Gino.

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Etiquette Mistakes (11/12/14)

We look at a list of etiquette mistakes we all make

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