Dave & Carole



SpongeBob Tom Kenny (2/6/15)

It’s been a long time since Tom Kenny joined us!


Gino: SpongeBob and Mr. T (2/6/15)

What did Gino Salomone think of the new SpongeBob movie?


Epic Fails: Pork Roast (2/6/15)

Nothing can keep a man from eating his pork roast

Ted Perry 9

Ted Perry (2/5/15)

What is Ted’s Take on Brian Williams distortion of the truth?

Dave & Carole Generic 2

Wisconsin Hot (2/5/15)

What do men find hot about men, especially here in Wisconsin?


Epic Fails: Need A Mop (2/5/15)

Why sushi wasn’t a wise choice for a first date

Carole Solo 2

Weirdness From The Web (2/5/15)

The extent that one man goes through to look like his favorite ‘Captain America’ character


Epic Fails: Spicy (2/4/15)

How one man wants to ‘spice’ up his love life on Valentine’s Day

Dave & Carole Generic 2

Weirdness From The Web (2/4/15)

There are some seriously freaky people out there!


Epic Fails: Cat On Fire (2/4/15)

The cat’s on FIRE?!

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