Dave & Carole


Carole Solo

Carole’s Collection (1/5/15)

Some kids collected baseball cards: what did Carole collect as a child?


Jason Wilde (1/5/15)

How is Aaron Rodgers’ calf, or dog for that matter?

Carole Solo 2

Pet Food (1/5/15)

Why do our pets choose to eat things they shouldn’t so that it costs us a lot of money at…

Green Bay Packers Brady Poppinga

Brady Poppinga (12/23/14)

How does Brady feel going into the Packers/Lions game this weekend?

Judge Gino A1

Judge Gino: Bad Santa (12/23/14)

Someone is a little turned on when he wears a Santa suit

Dave & Carole Generic 2

Animal Stories Of 2014 (12/23/14)

We look at some of the craziest animal stories this year


Jason Wilde (12/22/14)

How good do the Packers look going into the final regular season game against the Lions?

Dave & Carole Generic 2

Highlights of 2014 (12/22/14)

What were some of your highlights of 2014?

Dave & Carole Christmas_edited

Holiday Light Shows (12/19/14)

Our co-worker Lana spends a lot of time setting up her amazing holiday light show, but some will pay top…

Gino Robin

Gino Goes To The Movies (12/19/14)

How extensive was the movie collection of Kim Jong Il?

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