Dave & Carole


Ted Perry 9

Ted Perry’s Bucket List (5/20/15)

What would be on Ted’s “bucket list”?

Fred Klett

Fred Klett-Chimineas And Dishes (5/20/15)

What happens when Dave tries to remove a satellite dish from the roof?

Fred Klett

Fred Klett – Welcoming The 10th Child (5/20/15)

What is it like when your dad tells the family that a 10th child is soon coming?

Fred Klett

Fred Klett – Dad Fails (5/20/15)

Fred showed how dad’s should NOT act after a Packers loss, and other ‘dad fails’

Fred Klett

Fred Klett – Horse Race (5/20/15)

Someone thinks Fred looks like a jockey – maybe because growing up in a big family is like running a…

Gino Red Carpet

Gino Goes To “Tomorrowland” (5/19/15)

What does Gino Salomone think of the new George Clooney movie?

DnC Generic 4

Grilling Stories (5/19/15)

Are men really the “grillmasters”?


Questions For KB (5/19/15)

What would the ‘KB Experience’ be like?

Dave & Carole Generic 2

Graduation Quotes (5/19/15)

Some of the graduating class of 2015 had some memorable yearbook quotes.

Judge Gino A1

Judge Gino: Strange Dreams (5/18/15)

Someone has a strange dream about Gino, so what other strange dreams have people had?

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